Rescues and Re-Homing

The Reptile House rescue all reptiles from the UK, which people may not be able to care for any more due to moving house or health reasons.

When we rescue an animal which is too large for one of our enclosures, we get a vivarium  / enclosure built on the day to ensure all animals have enough space and the best habitat possible.

Some of our rescue animals will be tamed to be used for educational visits including school and scouting events. All animals are beforehand checked with children to ensure they do not become stressed or uncomfortable.


When re-homing all enclosures must be inspected before the animal can be taken to the new owner. NO ANIMALS WHICH ARE RESCUES ARE SOLD.

  • Re-Homing and rescues,
  • Displays and Events,
  • Equipment and Feeds,
  • Boarding. 
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